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I’m headed toward the self-checkout when I see a woman in a long, elaborate dress swan toward me. “Swanning” is the only way she can move in this costume, with a train shushing around her on the not-quite-clean grocery store floor. Suddenly, she’s pivoting and turning back. “What did you need help with?” Her dress […]

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Manatee Monday: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Manatee and I went with a couples’ costume this year. So magical. Can you tell who we’re supposed to be? Happy Halloween! Hard to believe that next Manatee Monday, we’ll be in Florida!

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Thinking about being a “derby girl” for Halloween? Here are some ways to make it authentic! Instead of pretending to jab people with elbows, start hip-checking people into door frames after you’ve had a few drinks. It’s pretty easy to time if they’re not expecting it. This is what real derby girls do at parties […]

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