Die mad, I guess

I hadn’t really gotten mad until last night.

I was walking through the park, and saw my elderly neighbor waiting on the side of the path, leaning on his cane. Someone was coming his direction, and just breezed past him, a couple of feet away.

What is their problem??? I thought. Six feet is six feet even if you have to get your dog-walking sneakers wet.

On the way out of the park, there were a few cars coming, so I had to wait to cross the street. The dog-walker was coming out at the same time, so I stepped back into the parking lot to let them pass.

Maybe I gave them a little mean mug. I was wearing sunglasses, how mean could it be?

They gave me a little mean mug back, maybe for being so OBVIOUS about getting the hell away from them.

I don’t know what it means that I could only feel anger on my neighbor’s behalf.

He’s got his front yard totally planted with tomatoes. Tomatoes are new for him. Usually it’s just a big field of corn in the back yard.

He seems to be doing okay.