30 Day Challenge: Take it easy

So you’ve done the 30 day squat challenge, the 30 day plank challenge, and the 30 day burpee challenge, and a 30 day photo challenge, yet, some emptiness gnaws within you.

Want to lose weight, smell better, and find a life partner, all in 30 days? Nah. You’re fine the way you are. Here’s a 30 day challenge for you.

Sometimes self-improvement just might mean being yourself.


Day 1: Take it easy
Day 2: Leave your phone at home
Day 3: Give yourself a little present
Day 4: Smell a damn flower
Day 5: Do a really long stretch when you wake up
Day 6: Watch some Netflix
Day 7: Fart while walking down the sidewalk
Day 8: Forgive yourself for that boneheaded move you made at work
Day 9: Order a pizza
Day 10: Whistle a little tune
Day 11: Wink at a stranger
Day 12: Blow something off
Day 13: Sing along with the radio/your headphones
Day 14: Skip the gym
Day 15: Daydream
Day 16: Sit for a spell
Day 17: Wave at your neighbor
Day 18: Drink a seasonal beverage
Day 19: Ponder the enormity of the universe
Day 20: Take a bath
Day 21: Pet a kitty
Day 22: Throw some wadded up paper in a basket
Day 23: Check out a body of water
Day 24: Take a walk
Day 25: Gossip a little
Day 26: Do whatever
Day 27: Buy lottery ticket; plan how to spend winnings
Day 28: Look at otters on the internet
Day 29: Call in sick
Day 30: REALLY take it easy. You’ve earned it.

Now, back to work!