Teach your children … better

When I saw the woman trying to cross the street ten feet away from a marked crosswalk this morning, I was annoyed, but not surprised.

This happens ALL THE TIME, I thought to myself. The city just re-did a major thoroughfare in my neighborhood, complete with protected bike lanes, curb extensions, and crosswalks with lights.

I still see people crossing ten feet from the crosswalk. Yesterday, a dude weaved through traffic in front of me just a few cars away from a very busy intersection. While holding a tiny dog! Think of your dogs, people!

While I was thinking about this, feeling very self-righteous and wondering how the heck you teach people to use the infrastructure you’re building for them, a middle schooler zipped across the street in front of me. He looked back, and there was an adult man in a car, smiling and waving.

An adult man, sitting in traffic on the busy street. Who could have pulled over to the side street and dropped this kid off safely, but instead just had him jump out at a red light and cross wherever.

So that’s where the kids are learning it, I guess.