It’s not too bad

I had the kind of morning that could have set me off the rails.

We got a slow start because we had to go pick up the car. I decided to work at bakery by the car place, but the wifi wouldn’t connect. There was a big hunk of hazelnut shell in my pastry.

“It’s fine. I’ll make a positive out of this.”

I went to read my book, but a dude across the room kept piping up with loud comments every 30 seconds while his companions chewed:

“This place started on Kickstarter! If you gave money you got like, a loaf of bread.”

“Granola is very good.”

“Brazilian bread is like, this ball of cheese and bread.”

So I gave up, and decided to go for a walk. Walks are almost always the right decision, so I decided to hoof it to the library 10 blocks away.

I pulled out my sunglasses, and they were missing a stem.

Somehow, I still feel okay. I’ll get some work done. Nothing is ruined, other than my sunglasses.

I’m firmly on the rails.