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New post at Derbylife

Click on over to Derbylife to read my article about coming back to skating after getting knocked up/delivering a beautiful child unto this world. There’s even a picture with some chubby Baby Sour wrists and chins. In case that wasn’t enough for you, I also have a slideshow up at Bleacher Report about terrible sports […]

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Hey, it’s Friday, whooo! It’s gorgeous in Portland, Oregon – sunny and 70-something, and forecasted to stay that way through the weekend. We get these lovely early October days a lot. They seem like Mother Nature’s way of saying, “Hey, sorry about June.” I’m not quite sure what to rock out to this afternoon. Here’s […]

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Bye internet! I’m leaving you for a few days. I imagine and hope it’ll look a lot like this. Enjoy your float, guys! Beer and hat optional. Well: hat optional. There will, at least, be a swimming hole involved. *

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