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Man, packing is TIME CONSUMING. We’re moving next weekend, and the house just looks like a mess with a bunch of crap strewn around. Plus boxes.  Aaaggh. I squeezed in a 2-mile run tonight for a break. Knee felt good, but I need to get my ears/nose/throat issues in check. The ears tend to flare […]

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(Not as in drunk. That was last weekend.) (As an aside, this girl is not drinking whiskey again until the Sunday of Championships.)  (WFTDA Championships, duh.) (Beer is also being curtailed.) It’s become clear to me recently that I have to step up my game physically if I want to progress quickly in roller derby.  Yeah, […]

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Time for new knee pads

Yikes. But the last time I was at Oaks rink, they didn’t have Scabs.  I like the Scabs!  They’re like a hug for your knee. Hmph.

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