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In July, things on the deck were not looking so promising. Not much food was being produced – maybe enough greens for a salad every once in a while, and some flowers, but that’s it. That’s still the case in August. The spinach started to come up from seed, but that pot was apparently situated […]

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Since we last chatted about it, I’ve planted a lazy little container garden out on my deck. It’s early in the season yet, but so far, so okay. Salad greens I’ve enjoyed many salads, but haven’t done any replanting recently. This is the easiest thing to grow and it saves me at least five bucks […]

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It’s Spring! And it’s crappy out at the moment of this writing, but we have some lovely weather coming up. Who’s planning on putting in a garden, but not quite getting around to it yet? Who’s riding bikes around? Who’s neglecting their runs in order to go play basketball and frisbee in the park? You […]

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