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They must be models, too

I had a dream that I was asked to model at an event. I maybe could have been molded into model material, say, 22 years ago or so, but in both the conscious and unconsciousness realm I am 38 years old and have aged about ten years in the past five. Dream self is very […]

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Isn’t that three arrows?

We’re killing some time walking along the river before a concert. A woman shakes up a can of spray paint as we walk by, but I’ve seen a lot of people being sketchy in various ways in this park, so I’m neither moved or surprised. As we’re walking back toward the concert venue, the can-shaker […]

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I usually have my service dog

As the man walks out of the bakery, the lid pops off of his to-go cup of coffee. He just stands there for a moment. Then: “That’s really hot coffee.” The young man and women—who look like they could be brother and sister, but have been complaining about someone they work with for 15 minutes—quickly […]

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