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Okay, so you want to play roller derby, or you’re thinking about it. If so, you probably want to learn how to rollerskate. That’s a lot on its own. Going to the rink and skating around in circles is indispensable training, but it’s not the only training you’ll need. Exercises for roller derby are in […]

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We’re in the middle of D1 Playoffs here, people, and it’s time to check in. How’re we all feeling? Holding up? Getting all the action you were hoping for? Disappointed that games aren’t as close as in D2 Playoffs? Fine with that as long as the Sunday games are interesting? Surprised that Philly is out? Surprised […]

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Welcome once again to the Frisky Power Rankings, where I rank women’s flat track roller derby according to my whims/in-depth knowledge. AHHH DIVISION ONE PLAYOFFS ARE COMING. Tucson is NEXT WEEK. I’ll be seeing Team United play for the first time! Will Bricktator play against BAD? Victoria plays more games! WHOA it’s all going to be […]

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