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Happy Draft Day!

Happy draft day, Rose City! Tonight there will be one or two or three new Break Neck Betties, and I couldn’t be happier! I hope it’s those of you who were really nice to me when I was coaching Fresh Meat. (Kidding.) (Kind of.) I never skated with the Betties once before being drafted to […]

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Out of the office

Hey guys! I’m taking a vacation from the internet for a couple of weeks. Bye, internet, don’t too anything too funny while I’m gone playing recorder and drinking fine wines and talking long, thoughtful walks! This means I won’t be covering the North Central WFTDA playoffs here, at least until after they’re over. But wait! […]

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For months I’ve been hearing about these summer resident whales on the Oregon Coast: there are so many this year! They come in so close to the beach to feed, they’re like, RIGHT THERE, etc. Last weekend we didn’t have one thing planned on Sunday, so we drove off to the coast to try to […]

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Me, Dee Dee, and Pow with our last Betties war cries before retirement. How does Dee Dee even make screaming cute? * *

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